About Us

We are the leader of the security services industry.


111 Security Systems was established by a group of security system experts to cater to the growing demands of the society and to meet the ever increasing need by home and business owners for top of the line products and services to guarantee their property’s security and safety.

As among the premier electronic security providers in the country, the company continuously delivers unparalleled security solutions to the clients since our establishment.

Our company initially started with offering simple alarm security solutions to both homes and businesses and from then on, we are proud to have grown bigger to allow us to offer the most state of the art solutions which will cater to the specific and unique needs of our clients.

111 Security Systems  has been engaged in the design, development, manufacturing, installation, sale, distribution and maintenance of different security systems and equipment. To offer our clients with high quality and cost effective alarm security products and services has and will always be our primary goal. We perfectly understand that every client has unique needs as far as alarm security systems are concerned. it is the very reason why we go into the smallest details to provide our clients with dependable alarm security products.

Right now, we have a nationwide coverage for our entire alarm security services. We have major clients, ranging from homeowners to business owners, who can attest to their satisfaction with our systems. Our clients come from different parts of the country and we hope for our scope to reach more people. No matter where you are, 111 Security Systems will always find ways on how to serve you with the best that you deserve and make your properties and your life safer and more secured than ever before.

Hey! just relax we are here to protect you!

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